Boo and Paratroopa: What?!

-The giant monster chases the two-

Paratroopa: We better run if we want to LIVE.

Boo: I'm dead so I don't have a life but for you. Don't worry you will be dead sometime sooner.

Paratroopa: WHAT?! How is that supposed to make me better?!

- Boo: You might be thinking what we are doing running for our lives from a giant monster. Well there is a perfect perfect logical explanation.-


-Boo: It all started when our great friend Yoshi let us join his "fun" Y games-

Yoshi: So you want to join my Y games?

Paratroopa: Sure!

Boo: I guess. -Boo: This may have seemed fun at first.-

Yoshi: Great get yourr chainsaws and...

Paratroopa: Chainsaws!?

Yoshi: Just kidding.

Boo: So when are they going to start?

Yoshi: Right now!

-Yoshi does nothing and he falls down.-

Boo: So we have to fall down?

Yoshi: No you have to watch this show.

Boo: What show?

Yoshi: -Get remote and puts on Yoshi Man Show-

Yoshi: See how this guy can eat so fast?

Boo: Yeah, what's the point of this?

Yoshi: I guess you don't like to have "fun" so the games are starting now.

-Boo: Yoshi is not good at acting he is bad as his show is rated 1 star.-

?????: I'm still here.....

Paratroopa: Ah! What was that noise!?


-A Goomba appears with a Gordo on his left-

Paratroopa: I think there is a reason why this is round one. Goombas are weak.

Goomba: How dare you call me weak?!

-Boo: I guess Paratroopa should have watched his words, because the Goomba hit him right away-

Paratroopa: So I will stomp on him. -stomp-

Yoshi: You beat round one!

Yoshi: Now for round two!

-A giant monster chases the two-

Boo: We better run on the car that says something!

Paratroopa: Yeah if we want to LIVE!

Boo: We better go now!

Monster: WRAGH!

Boo: Better throw this Yoshi Egg at him.

-The monster falls from the hit-

Yoshi: You passed the round now for the next one!

Marx: Hello everybody!