-Yoshi sits on a tree branch-

Yoshi: I'm bored.

Paratroopa: Yeah, we've heard that one before.

Boo: -sigh- What are you gonna do this time?

Yoshi: Nothing...

Boo: You wanna go somewhere, huh?

Yoshi: Well, maybe...


Yoshi: We're here!

Boo: And where is here? You blindfolded us.

-Boo and Paratroopa remove their blindfolds-

Paratroopa: ...We're in King Chomp's garden. And we're here because?

Yoshi: I'm bored. Please?

Paratroopa: Yoshi-

Yoshi: Please?

Paratroopa: Yoshi, we can't just-

Yoshi: -whines- Please?

Boo: Para, just say yes and stop his whining!

Paratroopa: -sigh- Fine.

Yoshi: Yes! Don't worry, there's something fun here!

Paratroopa: What is it, a monster that's going to eat us?

Yoshi: What? No!

Boo: Let's just go.

Yoshi: Okay then, whatever.

-The trio explores the garden-

Boo: Are you sure you know where we're going?

Yoshi: Yeah, I'm sure.

Paratroopa: Are you sure I don't need to take the map out?