Yoshi: I am bored.

Boo: Like always.

Yoshi: Hey why not we go to eat out tonight!

Paratroopa: I don't know, remember last time?


Boo: Ah that's what I am talking about. Ghost Food on the Grill.

Paratroopa: Are these, spiders!?

Yoshi: I know right? I have some odd food in my diet sometimes but this...

Boo: Ah come on, I mean look at the people around us!

Fat Boo: Nom Nom Nom.

Yoshi: Sorry Boo, but we will never come here to eat again.

-Flashback done-

Yoshi: -stares at Boo- Well we won't go there Paratroopa.

Paratroopa: Let's go to the Underchomp's Grill Steak House!

Yoshi: They have a Grillhouse??

Boo: Yes, it was on TV.

-The Ad on Tv-

Yellow: When you need food..

Blue: You don't to go boo hoo....

Red: For you can eat steak at the Underchomp's Grill Steak House!

Yellow: Bark, served from NOT dead animals.

Red: So come eat Steak today...

Blue: At the Underchomp's Grill Steak House! -The ad finishes-

Yosh: So let's go there!

-Later that night-

Chomp Waiter: Hello fine men, what may I serve to you today?

Yoshi: I will have the Steak Party meal with a Fruit soda and large fries.

Paratroopa: I will have the Steak House with some small sized Steakmen in it and with the same drink Yoshi said and some large corn chunks.

Boo: Um.... I will have the Water

Chomp Waiter: Okay then, good day.

Yoshi: Hey Boo, why did you not order anything but water.

Boo: It's because I'm a ghost.

Yoshi; Oh yeah.

Chomp Waiter: Here you go, have a steak day.

Yoshi: Well here goes.

Paratroopa: These corn chunks really hit the spot!

Boo: Water...yeah.

-After the dinner-

Boo: What the heck is wrong with you guys!!!

Yoshi: What do you mean?

Paratroopa; What he said.

Boo: You guys are fat!

Paratroopa: With the "ph"?

Boo: No, fat as in 'gordo'!

Yoshi: I didn't know you could speak Spanish.

Boo: I have to get you guys back in shape!

Customer Service: Oh if it isn't Boo. How may I help you BooBooBoo?

Boo: Yeah, nice pun, but I need a monster to clobber my friends' fat.

Customer Service: That's what we do best at NME.

Escargoon: You'd better get it with a money back guarentee.

Boo: Were the heck did you come out of.

Escargoon: Just to dance.

Boo: What do you mean?

Customer Service: Ok I will send it right away.

-The monster get's sent to Boo-

Boo: Oh Yoshi, Paratroopa, come over here!

Yoshi: You called?

Boo: Yes, meat, see what I did there, your new fitness coach!

Boo: Macho-San!!

Yoshi and Paratroopa: Macho-San?

Macho-San: Hiiiiiii!

Macho-San: My name is Macho-San!

Paratroopa: We know that, you don't have to say it twice.

Macho-San: Ya wanna be thin, wanna be thin! You better get some fitness!

Yoshi: This guy sings and teaches fitness at the same time?!

Macho-San: Okay, okay, let's do this!!

-Claws grab both Yoshi and Paratroopa-

Paratroopa: AHHH! What is he doing!!

Macho-San: Too much TV and not to much moving, you always get bored and don't know what to do!

Macho-San: Too much food, too much drinks, too much fat, better keep up with this fancy trait!

Yoshi: Hey we just ate too much food once!!!

Macho-San: You are going to die too fast, it's too late to stop with the fat!

Macho-San: But it's for sure too early for your funeral!

Macho-San: Ya, ya, ya , ya, one, two, one two!

Yoshi: One two One two??

Macho-San: WO! All this jiggling fat inside, why do you eat to attack!

Paratroopa: First of all I do not eat to attack, and second of all I don't jiggle.

Macho-San: Let's get rid of all the fat inside!

Yoshi: Wait, he's going to CUT my belly!

Paratroopa: Not like that.

Macho-San: Let's start with the jiggle, this will only wiggle!

Yoshi: AH, make it stop!

Macho-San: Tickle Tickle, this won't hurt a little.

Boo: When is this over?

Macho-San: Now for something shocking!

Yoshi: The lighting, it BURNS!

Boo: Woah, that's no way to get rid of fat.

Macho-San: Now for the long fat to get into short farts! Ya!

Macho-San: Go Go Overthere!

-The two get put in a racing track with spikes that follow them-


Macho-San: Better run or this race will be your last!

Macho-San: You better keep running if you want to live. Go Go Overthere!

-One hour of training later-

Macho-San: Now time to put the punching punchers!

Yoshi: Wait, WHAT?!

Yoshi and Paratroopa: Ow Ow Ow Ow one two one two.

-Two hours of punching later-

-Lots of people come on stage to watch-

Waddle Doo: Ya take that for ripping off our story!

Meta Knight: I feel....dirty.

Kirby: POYO!

King Dedede: Now you know what I have been trough.

Macho-San: Now everybody lets start dancing!!!!!!!!!!

-Everybody dances but Meta Knight, now it's full of Waddle Dees dancing-

-Five hours of dancing later-

Macho-San: Now for a giant spiked ball!! Finish him!

Boo: Wait, what, I must save them!

Kirby: Woah you aren't stoping them because you ripped us off!

Chilly: Inhale Boo!!!

Boo: Wait, WHAT!

-Kirby Inhales Boo and becomes Boo Kirby-

Yoshi: I'm going eat it.

-And so Yoshi ate the spiked ball-

Yoshi and Paratroopa: Hey we're not fat anymore!

Kirby: Here you go. -Kirby spits out Boo-

Boo: Yuck. Hey you guys are back!

Yoshi: Time to go back home.

Boo: Yeah!

Macho-San: Wait your not done yet.

-So much longer that the old narrator got tired and we had to hire a new one-

Macho-San: There! You guys look as thin as a noddle!

Yoshi: Thanks for your help.

Paratroopa: Bye!

Boo: So how was the training?

Paratroopa: It was normal.

Boo: Let's go home and watch some TV....

The end.