-Yoshi and Boo sit outside the treehouse-

Yoshi: I'm bored.

Boo: Stop saying that!

Yoshi: Where's Para?

Boo: He's in the forest that is a few miles from here.

Yoshi: That forest is filled with evil things!

-Boo looks around-

Boo: I don't see anything evil yet...

Yoshi: I'm kinda worried. When did he go?

Boo: Three hours ago.

Yoshi: WHAT?! That's it, we're going on a search-and-rescue!

Boo: I really don't think Para's in any danger.

Yoshi: You're going anyway.

-Yoshi drags Boo into the forest-

Boo: So we're inside this really dark forest. What now?

Yoshi: Look! I see something really bright!

-Yoshi and Boo hide behind a bush-

Boo: Hey, it's Para!

Yoshi: Para!

Paratroopa: Marx! What are you doing here?!

Marx: Getting some weapons so I can take over Pop Star!

Paratroopa: I won't let you!

Marx: Why not?

Paratroopa: Interdimensional affairs are my problems.

Marx: Smaller words, please!

Paratroopa: Oh come on!

-Yoshi and Boo jump out of the bush-

Yoshi: Your terror is over, "Marx"!

Boo: Yeah, what he said!

Paratroopa: Guys, what are you doing here?

Boo: We thought you were in trouble?

Yoshi: We thought you were fighting a bad guy!

Paratroopa: What? But I really AM fighting a bad guy!

Marx: I'm getting tired of this. -turns into a black hole-

Yoshi: Oh no! Where will this take us?!

Marx: To your house.

-Yoshi goes into the hole-

Paratroopa: No! I'm not going!

Boo: Yeah, I think I'm just gonna go too.

-Boo enters the hole-

Paratroopa: I'm not letting go!

Marx: -turns back- Oh, yes you are!

Paratroopa: Not...letting...go...

Marx: Ugh. Seriously? Fine, I'll knock you out.

Paratroopa: Wha-

-Marx hits Paratroopa with a frying pan-

Marx: Heh. I guess frying pans are good for something after all!

-Marx poofs away-

Paratroopa: Ugh...

The next day...

Paratroopa: Where am I...Marx! Marx, where are you?! Hmm. Well, better get back home.


Yoshi: Where's Para? He should have followed us!

Paratroopa: -flies in- I'm back!

Yoshi: Awesome!

Boo: Where were you?

Paratroopa: I woke up in the forest.

Boo: So King Boo didn't go around?

Paratroopa: What?

-Paratroopa pulls out a juice pouch from the fridge-

Boo: Y'know. King Boo, the king of the Boos?

Paratroopa: Yes, but why would I run into him?

Boo: He's been trying to catch the rest of the Boos who reside in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Paratroopa: Well, no.

Boo: Okay, good!

Yoshi: Guys, this is really boring! Let's play some video games!

Paratroopa: Alright, but I get to be Player 1!

Yoshi: Aww, no way, dude!

The End